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How to Double your Reading Speed in only 16 minutes

  • Are you short of time?
  • Are you always trying to find time to read all those books that keep piling up - unread?
  • Does your bad conscience keep you awake at night because you have not done your homework?
  • Do you struggle with understanding and remembering what you've read?
  • Would you like to read, understand and learn much more?
  • Is it a problem for you to find time to read all you want or need?

If there was a magic potion that could enable you to read twice as fast as you do now, would you take it?

Listen! I'm going to tell you something that sounds like a paradox: The faster you read, the better you comprehend.

Did you expect that?

I didn't. My reading speed wasn't very fast, and my comprehension mediocre. I always wondered how some people could "swallow" every book they encountered, and how they could even remember them and repeat sections verbatim.

Recently, I was surfing the internet in search of something that was not related to speed reading. Suddenly, I stumbled upon this course that claimed it could almost change my life with just one exercise that lasted only 16 minutes! When I tried it, I became so excited that I immediately contacted the guy who made the course; I wanted permission to translate it (into Danish, my mother tongue) and to get reseller rights. This had to get out to people! I wanted to share my joy and newfound ability with others.

The first weekend after I completed the course, I read two large books, each about 300 pages long. Plus some smaller things such as magazines and so on. This was something I had dreamed about for a long time, because the pile of printed ebooks wasn't exactly growing smaller!

When you take this course, you will:

  • Improve your reading speed, at least. You'll save time.
  • Gain greater comprehension of the texts you are reading. Re-reading will not be necessary.
  • Read many more books than you did previously in a given amount of time, thereby gaining more knowledge or enjoyment.
  • Learn much more than you previously had the time and strength for.
  • Do your homework much faster. You'll have time to relax afterward.
Let me be blunt. This type of course abounds on the web and in the stores.

They, too, will probably increase your reading speed and your comprehension. But you have to use much more time to obtain the same result. Sometimes one or two weeks, sometimes more. And the price is much, much higher.

Many of the products do not even dare to give a "money back guarantee". I do! You see, I myself have experienced the efficiency of this product :-)

Reader Testimonials

"Dramatic improvement! I was very surprised. Many of my prejudices lay probably in a belief that I already read at a reasonable speed, but now I can see that this system really works. Basically, at three-doubled reading speed, we just sort out the words that merely take up space and that would be forgotten tomorrrow anyway. We are content with the essential in the text. Quite effective. :) I calculated the result in number of pages. Before this training, I could read one page a minute. Now I read two. I haven't counted all the words. I'm deeply fascinated. It works! It's like adding years to your life!"
Henrik Blunck
"The download went well. And this course works. Thank you very much. It will make it studies and similar tasks much easier."
Jesper Bomers

The Audio Course Consists of the Following...

  • A six-page ebook (pdf), including the cover. (Doable, right?)
  • Five audio files (mp3), totalling 45 minutes.
  • The first four audio files prepare you for the main exercise.
  • The fifth audio file contains the 16-minute exercise that, at minimum, doubles your reading speed.
  • You'll find the link to the audio files inside the e-book.
  • You can download the files one at a time at your convenience.
  • Or you can download all the files in one zipped archive.
Th girl with books

What are you going to pay for a course that enables you to read the same amount of books using half the time you normally require?

How much is this course worth to you? Think of all the time you gain. Is your spare time valuable for you? Think of all the new knowledge you can pop into your head almost at the speed of light. The value is almost priceless.

I made a brief survey to see whether anybody was at all interested in such a course. Actually, several would give 97 dollars for the course. Knowing, of course, that this sum would quickly be earned again in saved time or new knowledge.

Even more would pay 67 dollars for the course.

Some of the competing products where people spend several weeks to learn the same thing you learn here in less than an hour, cost several hundred dollars.

You don't have to spend that much on my course. I will not promise that the price isn't going to be raised later, but never to as much as 350 dollars. For only 49 dollars you get a course that doubles your reading speed using an exercise lasting only 16 minutes. You will listen to the exercise as an MP3-file.

Is the language important?

Spain Toledo souvenirs
No. This audio course works whether you read Danish, English, French or German books. The exercise is universal.

Since I live in Israel, and previously in France, I haven't read a Danish book in 15 years. I went through this course while I lived in Denmark, and it works just as well on book in all other languages.
Don't decide right now. Purchase the course and get it delivered immediately. See what you think. Try the course and use it to obtain higher reading speeds. However, if your reading speed is not increased, just let me know and I'll give you your money back immediately -- no questions asked. :-)

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All the best,
Britt Malka

P.S. Just imagine how many hours of spare time you receive -- for only 49 dollars. What will you do with that extra spare time?